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Hose Clamps

Hose Clamps
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For a good leak-free connection between your hose and coupling, we offer a wide range of hose clamps. We have many clamps for water hoses. The hose clamps often have a large clamping range, making them suitable for multiple applications.

Stainless steel hose clamps are also part of our range, as well as galvanized steel hose clamps. Our clamps are of very good quality and widely applicable. Hose clamps are simply slid over the hose to where they need to grip (on the hose barb). Then you tighten them easily with a screwdriver or a hose clamp screwdriver. Hose clamps should normally be tightened by hand, depending on the working pressure on the hose and the fit of the hose on the hose barb.

There are various types of hose clamps available in various sizes for the right project or the right look. Pay attention to the size you need and consider the wall thickness of the hose. So, add your diameter and the wall thickness of the hose together for the correct size hose clamp.


Hose clamps with the designation W1 are made entirely of galvanized (zinc-plated) steel. (Zinc-plated) Steel is stronger than stainless steel, but because (zinc-plated) steel can rust, it is not recommended for outdoor use. For outdoor use, we also have stainless steel hose clamps.


These hose clamps consist entirely of stainless steel AISI 304. Our stainless steel clamps are strong, sturdy, and do not oxidize under normal use. Please note: Although the hose clamps are made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304, the stainless steel screw is often galvanized. You can easily check whether the screw is indeed made of stainless steel with a magnet.

The use of a hose clamp / pipe clamp

A hose clamp or pipe clamp is used to securely attach a hose through which (contaminated) water flows. This prevents leaks or detachment of the hose. The clamp increases safety and significantly reduces the risk of (water) damage. We have a suitable variant for every type of hose.

Suitable for many purposes

Such clamps are suitable for, among other things, washing machine hoses, dishwasher hoses, garden hoses, and other types of water supply or discharge hoses. But how does this work exactly? You place the hose clamp or pipe clamp where you want the hose or pipe to stay securely attached. Exactly where you want to attach the end of the hose to.


Always tighten the clamps properly, but do not apply too much force, do not crush the hose. Periodically check whether the hose clamps are still in their position. Replace clamps if there are rust spots, bends, or other damage.

Hose Clamps: Essential Fasteners for Secure and Reliable Hose Connections

Hose clamps are small yet powerful fasteners used to securely hold hoses in place and prevent leaks or detachment. Whether it's industrial applications, automotive engineering, plumbing, or gardening, hose clamps play an essential role in creating safe and reliable hose connections.

One of the key advantages of hose clamps is their ability to provide a secure and tight grip on hoses at their connection points. They ensure that the hose stays securely in place, even under high pressure or vibrations. This prevents the hose from coming loose or leaking, which is crucial for the safety and efficiency of various systems, including hydraulic systems, fuel lines, cooling systems, and more.

Hose clamps are available in various materials, such as stainless steel, galvanized steel, and plastic. The use of high-quality materials ensures durability and long-lasting performance, even under challenging conditions. For example, stainless steel hose clamps are resistant to corrosion and rust, making them ideal for applications where exposure to moisture or chemicals is a concern.

Another advantage of hose clamps is their versatility. They can be used in various industries and applications, including automotive, marine, agriculture, industrial maintenance, and more. Hose clamps are often used to secure hoses to fittings, pipes, tubing, or other connection points. They are easy to install and adjust, providing flexibility and ease of use.

Another important aspect of hose clamps is their availability in different sizes to match specific hose diameters and applications. It's crucial to choose the right size hose clamp to ensure a proper fit and a secure connection. Using a hose clamp that is too small can lead to hose kinking or damage, while a hose clamp that is too large may not provide sufficient tension for a proper seal.

In addition to their primary function of securing hoses, hose clamps are also used for other applications, such as attaching insulation, cables, or other components. They offer a fast and reliable fastening method that can be easily adjusted or removed when necessary.

In summary, hose clamps are essential fasteners for creating secure and reliable hose connections. They ensure hoses remain firmly in place, prevent leakage, and contribute to the safety and efficiency of various systems. When selecting hose clamps, consider material choices, sizing, and the specific requirements of your application to rely on durable and effective fastening solutions for your hoses.

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