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Hot Water & Steam Hoses

Hot Water & Steam Hoses
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Radiator Hoses, Heating Hoses & Cooling System Hoses

Looking for a suitable cooling system hose or radiator hose? We supply universal hot water hoses, kink-free radiator hoses, heating hoses, and cooling system hoses from stock. Take a look at our online range of hoses that we offer here. We supply more hoses, so if you don't find the right hose, you can send us a message for a custom quote.


Radiator Hoses & Cooling System Hoses from Techniparts

Are you looking for a radiator hose (also known as a heat-resistant or heating hose)? Techniparts offers a variety of radiator hoses in its assortment. Our radiator hoses are multifunctional and can be used in various ways. All our heating and radiator hoses are available in several different sizes.

Function of Radiator Hoses

Techniparts' radiator hoses can be used in various ways, thanks in part to the wide temperature range of the hoses (-40°C / +120°C). These hoses can be used as cooling hoses for machinery or engines because they are resistant to coolant and hot water. As a result, these hoses can be used as cooling hoses for various car brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, and Mercedes. Due to their resistance to bases, acids, and salts, some of our hoses are also highly suitable for installation construction.

These hoses are also ideal as hot water hoses and universal radiator hoses. The kink-free radiator hose is universally used in installation construction, and the automotive industry also frequently orders this hose from us. Additionally, we have various hot water hoses available in different diameters and lengths. These hot water hoses are excellent for handling light chemicals such as coolant and other mildly aggressive materials. We also offer coolant hoses. A coolant hose can be used to supply and drain hot and cold water to a radiator. It is a flexible coolant hose.

Radioflex Radiator Hose / Heating Hose

The Radioflex hose is an EPDM rubber radiator hose and hot water hose. Take a look at our extensive range of EPDM rubber radiator hoses here. Because the hose is kink-free and has a very small bending radius, it is ideal for use in and around machinery and engines as a cooling hose for the cooling system. The hose is resistant to hot water and antifreeze. The hose can be used as a cooling hose, radiator hose, heater hose, cooling hose, and heating hose, among other things. With this radiator hose, you can choose from various inner diameters ranging from 16 mm to 60 mm. You can also choose between a radiator hose of 1 or 20 meters.

When Do You Choose EPDM Radiator Hoses?

EPDM is a mixture of synthetic rubbers or elastomers. The synthetic rubbers or elastomers contained in EPDM are ethylene, propylene, diene, and monomer. This material for radiator hoses is particularly suitable for special applications. Think, for example, of air conditioning and heating hoses for liquids in closed cooling and/or heating systems, such as air conditioning, central heating, or combined cooling-heating units. EPDM hoses are resistant to temperatures from +30°C to +80°C. Suitable for water and coolants. Available on rolls of 20 meters in length.

In short, our EPDM rubber radiator hoses are reinforced with plastic fabric. The use of the insulating outer cover (made of a combination of polyethylene and rubber with a closed cell structure) is, so to speak, "mandatory" to prevent condensation on the outside of the hose and to insulate the transported liquids.

Advantages of EPDM Radiator Hoses:

  • EPDM is a waterproof and airtight material.
  • EPDM is also UV-resistant, so EPDM can withstand the sun very well.
  • EPDM is known for its high resistance to bases, acids, and salts.

In short, EPDM rubber radiator hoses are extremely resistant to virtually any imaginable substance and stress, can withstand exposure to the sun, and are both air and water-tight.

Disadvantages of EPDM Radiator Hoses:

  • On the other hand, this rubber is not resistant to petroleum, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and propane (gas).
  • EPDM is particularly susceptible to attack by chlorine, making the use of chlorine-containing substances for a cooling hose an unwise choice.

In short, if you are looking for a radiator hose that must be resistant to petroleum, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, propane, or chlorine, we advise against choosing an EPDM rubber radiator hose.

Radiator Steam Hose

Techniparts' radiator steam hose is extremely suitable for use in machinery and engines. The hose can withstand hot water and antifreeze. As a result, this radiator hose is perfect for use as a coolant hose. Additionally, the steam hose is made of EPDM and is ozone and UV resistant, weather and aging resistant, wear-resistant, and resistant to many bases, acids (fatty acids), and salts. With this radiator hose, you can choose from various inner diameters ranging from 30 mm to 100 mm. You can only order the universal radiator hose by the meter.

Always the Right Radiator Hose, Heating Hose, or Cooling System Hose

Do you have any questions or need help finding the type of hose that best suits your application? Then please contact our customer service. They will be happy to assist you in finding a suitable hose!

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